Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Billing/Coding/Physician Documentation Information in ambulance billing

This policy may apply to the following codes. Inclusion of a code in this section does not guarantee that it will be reimbursed. For further information on reimbursement guidelines, please see Administrative Policies on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina web site at They are listed in the Category Search on the Medical Policy search page. Applicable codes: A0021, A0080, A0090, A0100, A0110, A0120, A0130, A0140, A0160, A0170, A0180, A0190, A0200, A0210, A0225, A0380, A0382, A0384, A0390, A0392, A0394, A0396, A0398, A0420, A0422, A0424, A0425, A0426, A0427, A0428, A0429, A0430, A0431, A0432, A0433, A0434, A0435, A0436, A0888, A0998, A0999, S0207, S0208, S0209, S0215, S9960, S9961 All ambulance transport codes and mileage codes must be reported with both the corresponding origin and destination modifiers. BCBSNC may request medical records for determination of medical necessity. When medical records are requested, letters of support and/or explanation are often useful, but are not sufficient documentation unless all specific information needed to make a medical necessity determination is included.

Policy Guidelines

Ambulance and medical transport services are regulated by local, state and federal laws. The ambulance and medical transport services should be operated according to all applicable laws and must have all the appropriate, valid licenses and permits.

Reusable devices are considered an integral part of the general ambulance and medical transport services and are not eligible for coverage as separate services. Unusual ambulance and medical transport services, such as advanced life support charges, and those situa-tions involving air or sea transport should be reviewed by individual consideration.

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