Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Claim Outside US - What is the paymnet in Ambulance billing

 Claims Outside of the U.S.

The following policy applies to claims outside of the U.S.:

• Ground transports with pickup and drop off points within Canada or Mexico will be paid at the fee associated with the U.S. ZIP Code that is closest to the POP;

• For water transport from the territorial waters of the U.S., the fee associated with the U.S. port of entry ZIP Code will be paid;

• Ground transports with pickup within Canada or Mexico to the U.S. will be paid at the fee associated with the U.S. ZIP Code at the point of entry; and

• Fees associated with the U.S. border port of entry ZIP Codes will be paid for air transport from areas outside the U.S. to the U.S. for covered claims.

As discussed more fully below, CMS will provide contractors with a file of ZIP Codes that will map to the appropriate geographic location and, where appropriate, with a rural designation identified with the letter “R” or “B.” Urban ZIP Codes are identified with a blank in this position.

Payment for Mileage Charges

Charges for mileage must be based on loaded mileage only, e.g., from the pickup of a patient to his/her arrival at destination. It is presumed that all unloaded mileage costs are taken into account when a supplier establishes his basic charge for ambulance services and his rate for loaded mileage. Suppliers should be notified that separate charges for unloaded mileage will be denied.

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