Friday, December 3, 2010

ambulance HCPCS CODE LIST A0225, S0208

HCPCS procedure codes are used for Ambulance service

The HCPCS procedure codes listed in the following table are the only reimbursable procedure codes, per the Ancillary Provider Agreement. Hospital-owned providers are subject to their respective contracts. Submit the most appropriate HCPCS procedure codes when billing for services.

Procedure Codes Description

A0225 Ambulance service, neonatal transport, base rate, emergency transport, one way
A0384 Basic life support, specialized service - defibrillation (where permitted)
A0392 Advanced life support, specialized service, defibrillation (where not permitted by basic life support)
A0394 Advanced life support disposable supplies - IV drug therapy
A0396 Advanced life support disposable supplies - esophageal intubation
A0422 Oxygen and oxygen supplies
A0425 Ground Mileage-per mile
A0426 Advanced Life Support, non-emergency-base rate
A0427 Advanced Life Support, Level I - base rate
A0428 Basic Life Support, non-emergency-base rate
A0429 Basic Life Support, emergency-base rate
A0433 Advanced Life Support, Level II -base rate
A0434 Specialty Care Transport
S0208* Paramedic intercept, hospital-based ALS service (non-voluntary), non-transport

* Applies to hospital-based ambulance services only.

Note: HCPCS procedure code A0998 (ambulance response and  treatment; no transport), if billed, will deny as not covered, member responsibility.

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