Monday, November 15, 2010

Medical Review of Rural Air Ambulance Service & canceled air ambulance tips

Medical Review of Rural Air Ambulance Service

Payment for rural air ambulance services is appropriate only when the request for transport was made by a physician or other qualified medical personnel who reasonably determined or certified that the individual’s condition required air transport due to time or geographical factors. The following should be considered to be personnel qualified to order air ambulance services:
• Physician,
• Registered nurse practitioner (from the transferring hospital),
• Physician’s assistant (from transferring hospital),
• Paramedic or EMT (at the scene), and
• Trained first responder (at the scene).

Air Ambulance Transports Canceled Due to Weather or Other Circumstances beyond the Pilot’s Control.

If the flight is cancelled prior to loading the beneficiary on board, either prior to or after take off to the point of pickup, no coverage is available. If the flight is aborted after the beneficiary is loaded, payment is made for the appropriate air base rate, mileage and rural adjustment

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