Friday, November 12, 2010

billing for hospital to hospital air transport - tips

Hospital to Hospital Air Transport

Air ambulance transport is covered for transfer of a patient from one hospital to another if the medical appropriateness criteria are met, that is, transportation by ground ambulance would endanger the beneficiary’s health and the transferring hospital does not have adequate facilities to provide the medical services needed by the patient. Examples of such specialized medical services that are generally not available at all type of facilities may include but are not limited to: burn care, cardiac care, trauma care, and critical care. A patient transported from one hospital to another hospital is covered only if the hospital to which the patient is transferred is the nearest one with appropriate facilities. Coverage is not available for transport from a hospital capable of treating the patient because the patient and/or the patient’s family prefer a specific hospital or physician.

Special Coverage Rule

Air ambulance services are not covered for transport to a facility that is not an acute care hospital, such as a nursing facility, physician’s office, or a beneficiary’s home.

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