Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Billing for Facility to Facility ambulance transports

Facility to Facility Transports

Billing for Facility to Facility transports requires additional claims documentation. The provider will need to submit the following with the claim:

• As always submit information that answers the question “why an ambulance was needed to transport the patient versus any other form of transportation”

• Patient status information

o Indicate if the patient has been “discharged” from the first facility and “admitted” to the second facility o If the patient retains “inpatient” status from the sending facility the facility should be billed not Part B.
• Name and type of facilities
• Exact reason for transfer (service, equipment)

Example of claim’s comments:

Chest pain D/C from 1stfac ADM to 2nd
For heart cath not available @ 1stfac

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