Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mandatory Assignment and mileage codes in ambulance billing

Mandatory Assignment

The Balance Budget Act of 1997 added section §1834(1) of the Social Security Act which requires mandatory assignment for all ambulance services. Mandatory assignment means ambulance suppliers must accept the Medicare allowed amount as payment in full and may not bill or collect from the beneficiary any amount other than unmet deductible and/or coinsurance amounts and non-covered services.

Mileage Codes
Ambulance suppliers should not break down their mileage codes (except when billing for covered and non-covered mileage) on a claim. When rural miles are reported, suppliers should bill mileage codes on one line for mileage per trip. When billing for a round trip on the same claim, ambulance suppliers should two (2) lines for mileage – one line per trip (only if both zip originate in the same zip code area).

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